written & directed by: luc schaedler
production: go between films
CH 2005, 97 mins,  16:9, documentary
english, german, french & tibetan

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Angry Monk is a road-movie and a time-travel in the footsteps of the rebellious Tibetan monk Gendun Choephel, revealing a face of old and present-day Tibet that goes against popular clichés. The film makes an abundance of unique and rare historical footage available to the general public for the first time. But it does not dwell on the past; rather it skillfully oscillates between tradition and modernity. Ultimately, this road-movie tells the story of a man who left home to search for something that could have liberated the traditional Tibet from its rigidity. An outsider who was always open to new things, he eventually became a stranger in his homeland and homeless in foreign lands — a wanderer between worlds.

“ANGRY MONK works as a historical travelogue of Tibet and India, covering the years leading up to Tibet’s occupation, and challenging stereotypical notions about Tibet (…) writer-director Luc Schaedler offers the encouraging observation that Tibetans are both experiencing a renaissance, and a newfound confidence in their culture, in spite of the Chinese occupation.” (October 2005)

• CINEMA: released in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, USA and Brasil • TV: SF DRS, 3Sat, Buddhist Television (NL), History Channel (Spain) and Brazil • NOMINATION for the “Grand Jury Prize” in Sundance

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• Variety, 2006
• New York Times, 2006

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