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Made in Hong Kong · 1997



Made in Hong Kong · 1997


Luc Schaedler | go between films
CH 1997 | 75 | 4:3 | EN, DE, FR

Made in Hong Kong · 1997: The documentary «Made in Hong Kong» allows glimpses on a Hong Kong shortly before the handover to China in 1997. But rather than attempting to paint the portrait of a «city in panic», it takes an in-depth look based on interviews with a broad spectrum of inhabitants.

These include Peter – a British civil servant in the former colony, Nicole – a South African journalist, Eric Lye – a Chinese architect, Guo – a Chinese musician, Afzal – a Pakistani actor and Mohan – an Indian businessman. Their stories reveal the different stages of migration to this Asian metropolis, and are blended with images that capture Hong Kong’s many contrasting architectural faces.

There are poetic moments, when the camera lingers in the labyrinthine passages of the legendary Chungking Mansions. Other essayistic images explore the multi-layered daily life and give the viewer the feeling of what it must be like to live in such a vast city, seen through the eyes of illegal immigrants, typical HK TV ads and other images.

The restrictions of physical space, the architectural chaos, its celebrated booming economy, its untarnished attraction to immigrants, and the political and social uncertainties that stretch beyond 1997, all these are revealed in this very personal interpretation of Hong Kong today. Made in Hong Kong · 1997

(The documentary «Made in Hong Kong» was also the main part of my Master Thesis in Visual Anthropology at the University of Zurich)

→ Master: Arbeitsbericht zur Entstehung von «Made in Hong Kong» (German only)


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