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luc schaedler

Naga Identities · 2009


Ethno documentary

Naga Identities


Camera, director: Luc Schaedler
Production: go between films
CH 2009 | raw footage | not completed

The village of Zanghkam in the Nagaland region of the Northeastern frontier in India certainly has a great potential for a long documentary film. But not as a remote mountain village untouched by civilisation with an intact indigenous culture. Rather the opposite: Zanghkam is a tragic example of being suspended between a lost tradition, a confusing and sad present and an unpromising future. The documentary Naga Identities tries to grasp this dilemma and make it comprehensible.

A mythical song from Nagaland · 2009


«The existing twelve hours of raw footage for this Ethno documentary were shot in March 2009 as part of a large research project on Nagaculture in India’s Northeastern border regions. Other products of the same research were the exhibtion “Naga: Ornaments and Ashes”, as well as the publication “Naga Identities: Changing Local Cultures in the Northeast of India”. It contains a collection of articles by various authors spanning an enlightening ark from the warring past, to an equally problematic present, to a very uncertain future.»
Luc Schaedler


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