Naga Identities – 2009



«Naga Identities»
Camera, director: Luc Schaedler
Production: go between films
CH 2009 | 60 | Ethno-documentary

Naga Identities: The village of Zanghkam in the Naga region of the Northwestern frontier in India certainly has a great potential for a long documentary film. But not as a remote mountain village untouched by civilisation with an intact indigenous culture. Rather the opposite: Zanghkam is a tragic example of being suspended between a lost tradition, a confusing and sad present and an unpromising future. The documentary Naga Identities tries to grasp this dilemma and make it comprehensible. Work in progress.

«The twelve hours of footage were shot in March 2009 as part of a large research project on Nagaculture in India’s Northeastern border regions. Other products of the same research were the exhibtion “Naga: Ornaments and Ashes”, as well as the publication “Naga Identities: Changing Local Cultures in the Northeast of India”. It contains a collection of articles by various authors spanning an enlightening ark from the warring past, to an equally problematic present, to a very uncertain future.»
Luc Schaedler

A traditional headhunter song from Nagaland, 2009


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