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A Long Way Home

ALWH – Downloads


↓ PRESSKIT (english)
↓ DOSSIER DE PRESSE (français)
↓ PRESSEHEFT (deutsch)

↓ ARTIKEL: Ethik im Dokumentarfilm (deutsch)
Kaleo La Belle (Fell in Love with a Girl) und Luc Schaedler (A Long Way Home) discuss the question of ethics and responsability in documentary filmmaking with Till Brockmann.

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ALWH – Downloads

Gao Brothers artists

Gao Brothers – visual artists


Pi San interview

Pi San – animation artist

Wen Hui Red

Wen Hui – dancer

Ye Fu writer

Ye Fu – writer

Gao Brothers cooks

Gao Zhen – cooks

Gao Zhen interview

Gao Zhen – interview

Gao Zhen hat

Gao Zhen

Gao Brothers Hitler

Gao Brothers – Hitler

Pi San models

Pi San – models

Wen Hui watching

Wen Hui

Wen Hui screen

Wen Hui – screen

Wen Hui interview

Wen Hui – interview

Ye Fu lake

Ye Fu – lakeside

Ye Fu interview

Ye Fu – interview