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Visual Anthropology is a discipline of practice and theory. As a subfield of Cultural Anthropology it is concerned with the production of ethnographic images and the analysis of visual representations as well as its relationship to other fields of society and culture.

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The reversal of the gaze, Eastern Tibet 1930’s

Since his Master- and Ph.D thesis Luc Schaedler of «go between films» is involved in Visual Anthropology, both as part of his teaching at Universities and film schools, and as deep influence for his documentary films.

«The relationship between verbal and visual forms of expression in the field of ethnography (science) are manyfold. How they be mixed, can not be categorically decided. Each situation needs its own assesment and an experimental attitude towards both. Which dosis may be prescribed, is solely a question of art».

→ «Das kleine Zürcher Filmwunder» – Visuelle Anthropologie an der Universität Zürich

→ «Der Film ist auch ein Showcase für die Universität» – Gespräch mit Luc Schaedler

→ Visual Anthropology (Wikipedia)


→ «A Long Way Home» & Visual Anthropology



Below you will find the Master- and the Ph.D. thesis of Luc Schaedler and a selection of previous articles:

↓ Ph.D.: ANGRY MONK: Literary, Historical, and Oral Sources for a Documentary Film (2007)

↓ Master: Arbeitsbericht zur Entstehung von MADE IN HONG KONG (1998)

↓ The little differences: cross-cultural exchange in filmschools (2011)

↓ Über die Wissenschaftlichkeit von Dokumentarfilmen (2009)

↓ Westliche Okkupation und östliche Selbstreflexion: Buddhismus im Spielfilm (2002)

↓ Tibet: Ein Projektionsfeld Westlicher Phantasien (1994)


Angry Monk

A critical discussion of the documentary film «Angry Monk» as a hybrid between the arts and science:

↓ History & Anthropology (2008) – A critical review of «Angry Monk»

↓ Visual Anthropology (2008) – A critical review of «Angry Monk»

↓ American Anthropologist (2010) – Angry Monk: Reflections on Tibet

IIAS Newsletter (2008) – Rebel with a cause: debunking the mythical & mystical Tibet

↓ AEMS Review (2008) – A critical review of «Angry Monk»

↓ Himal Southasian (2006) – The new reasoning of Gendun Choephel

↓ Revue de l’Inde (2006) – Réflexions sur le Tibet


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