Smartphone Anthropology (en)



Below is a brief outline of what gadgets we will need in the upcoming seminar «Smartphone Anthropology» to be able to film “professionally” with the smartphone. A small investment will be necessary, though (appr. CHF 100).


for iPhone & Android

To be able to film «professionally» with a smartphone, the pre-installed photo and video app is not good enough. You need a specialized video app that allows you to flexibly adjust different settings. This concerns both the image (format, quality, stabilization, colors, sharpness, aperture) and the sound (quality, codec).

On App Store or Google Play

→ FILMIC Pro (CHF 14)

FILMIC Pro offers everything that is necessary for filming. The user maual of FILMIC Pro can be downloaded as pdf document.

Screenshot of «settings-menu»
Filmic Pro Screenshot scaled e1592653811494


Filming Kit

For the appropriate handling of the smartphone while filming, and the best possible quality of the sound, a Filming Kit is required. This consists of a mini-tripod (which can be held in the hand and guide the camera), a smartphone holder (to attach the smartphone to the tripod and also as a holder for the microphone) and an external microphone (for better sound quality and to suppress hand noise on the smartphone).

Filming kit for smartphones (iPhone & Android)
Filming Kit all 1 rotated e1592653870306


Microphone with wind shield, soundcable (black) & adapter for iPhone (white)
Filming Kit Microphone rotated e1589569308384


Smartphone mini-tripod & holder with microphone
Filming Kit all 2


Smartphone holder (with case)
Filming Kit Smartphoneholder rotated e1589569324233


Mini-tripod with holder (iPhone case as example)
Filming Kit Tripod Smartphoneholder rotated e1592654650926


Buy equipment:

→ 1  Filming Kit – all (CHF 85)
→ 2  Filming Kit – all (CHF 60)
→ 3  Filming Kit – all (CHF 36)

→ 4 Tripod & Holder (CHF 42)
→ 4 Microphone (CHF 54)


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