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The cinematic essay “Traces of Hope” dares to take a curious look into the future and follows subtle “traces of hope”, which are not meant for a distant goal, but rather for their anticipation and implementation in the present.

The film explores the question of where hopeful alternatives are already flashing up to help break out of the world’s miserable state, and what role subversion and resistance play in this. In conversations with protagonists, observations and cinematic tableaus, which are placed in associative relationships with one another, “Traces of Hope” juxtaposes the “state of the world” with subversive strategies for breaking out of the supposed prison of overstrain and helplessness. The film explores the unique ability of human beings to think beyond the troubled present and develop ideas and visions for future-oriented action. The theme of “hope” and the associated call for creative action will be a quiet melody but still easily perceptible throughout the film.